Buyers Know Stuff Too !!!

Good Morning !
In the world where information walks and drives with us everywhere we go in the form of smart phones, tablets, laptops etc … Buyers are very very very informed !!   Buyers now have access to databases which give them all the information they need in relation to properties they are looking to buy.
Released today is a brand new APP for a smart phone. This app will allow you to connect through to RP DATA (one of Australia’s leading sites for property information) and will print out property histories, neighbourhood summaries etc  Buyers have potential to walk into the property and know exactly how much you paid for the property, what houses in the area are selling for and which will lead them to form opinion on ‘their value’ of your property !
Even more than before …. People selling their properties need to engage an agent who is willing to speak the truth about your property.  You will need to engage an agent who is willing to tell you where the evidence is when they suggest a price to list your property.
Marketing a property is essential in the current market place. There are more properties to purchase than buyers walking the street. You need to get a buyer to find your property and come to your property over every other one for sale in the market place.  HOWEVER,  if you over price your property (and they have information to help them form opinion on your property) then you will drop to the bottom of the ‘must see’ list and sincerely – you may potentially waste your marketing dollars.
I am always keen for a chat about my thoughts on this … and I will guarantee you – I will tell you information I know you will NOT want to hear – but I will tell you it anyway if it is based on evidence, feedback or facts …..
Smiling at you always !!
Posted by Julie Munro