Common Question – What Listing Price Do You Recommend





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It is very very common for me to be asked the question …. What Listing Price Do You Recommend ?    Other like questions are what is your recommended listing price ? What is my property worth? What is the value of my property ?  etc

This question can be answered by providing some great information !!!    I will often share the following to those who ask !

What I can tell you about pricing a property is we need to consider   “The PAST”   “The Present”  and  “The Future”
The Past:    The market report (CMA) shows you where buyers have found value in another property in the past.  The market report does not tell you if the seller was suffering financial stress, reason for selling etc. It doesn’t indicated what marketing they used and if they reached all the buyers in the market place or not.   BUT … it gives you an idea of what buyers have been paying for properties which have some similarities to yours.
The Present:    The best way to establish the value of your property is to hire a Property Valuer.  They not only look at past sales, but they look statistically at economic growth in the region, development applications, they look at percentage of property growth overall for the region etc etc etc.   To hire a valuer can cost just over $300.    Not all my vendors do this.  This is o.k.   But just so you know ….. they are a wonderful source of information.
The Future:    When you list your property for sale, buyers will tell me what they would pay for this property.  I encourage really honest information from all of those people who attended the property.  This is so important for you.  You will need every bit of feedback from the buyers I can get from them  –  So that when I bring you an offer to purchase your property (money on the table) you will know what the current market place has told you about your property.
This is where my NOTES which I send you via email are so vital. My previous employment ensured a high level of transparency in my actions and to make notes. This has carried through to the real estate industry.  I will record every bit of information from buyers.  You will get all of it.  The great. The Good. The Average & The Ugly. It is so important that you know what buyers are saying about your property.

Townsville is currently experiencing a lot more activity in the market place.  Listing prices need to allow room for a buyer to find a premium value in your property.

Posted by Julie Munro