Heron Todd White Valuers Monthly Report – March


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The first quarter of 2014 has come to a close and the year in real estate has been, for the most, promising. There are some reports that the heat has come out of the Sydney and Melbourne markets, but that seems like a very micro-economic observation. What can be said overall is that there is more confidence cross most real estate sectors than there was a year ago, and that provides a firm foundation as we travel further into the year. Building and construction is an industry on which many may come to rely in 2014, particularly if we see the markets pickup further. There has been some promising numbers on population growth, and stimulation in other sectors such as tourism, that could provide good demand for construction. It will just be a matter of seeing how sustainably this plays out.

For commercial observers, this month it’s the industrial sectors turn to get a 2014 outlook. Industrial property is often the sector where new the commercial investor like to try their hand, so our national wrap will have plenty of useful information for everyone.

Enjoy this month’s issue.

Posted by Julie Munro