Herron Todd White (National Property Valuers) Monthly Report

Well ….. I love a bit of good news.     Interest Rates holding + one of the nations leading property valuers have released a very positive report for the property market.

For those of us who invest in the share market, I would wager a little cash on a fact:  “Share Holders check the share market at least once a week! ”     It is important, for those of us who invest in the property market, to continue to research and watch what the market place is doing and how it may affect your investment.

Here is the Herron Todd White report of the property market. Please note there is an area for Residential properties and specifically for Townsville – so have a little scroll through !!!!

At the time of writing the Federal election sat a couple of weeks away from deciding our next government. The calling of the date has been one of a number of factors that seems to have stimulated a little confidence in some of the major markets around Australia. As capital cities continue to achieve better than expected results, we are journeying into the end of the year with a brighter outlook for real estate.

This month’s issue on entry level priced property should prove a useful guide, not just for those currently looking to get into the market. The information from our offices is definitely an acid test on how their markets look set to perform as we travel into the end of 2013.

In this edition: 

Feature – Dirt Cheap

Commercial –  Industrial
Market Indicators






Posted by Julie Munro