Hi there Unit Vendors !!!

Hello there Unit Vendors !!!
You know …. I do understand your frustration with the current Townsville property market in terms of the sale of units.   The competition out there is really tough !  Really Tough.  Just checked the statistics today available on realestate.com.au…..
  • 749 Units currently advertised to RENT
  • 620 Units on the market for SALE
How does that affect you:
  1. There is so much to choose from the buyers can be confused by choice
  2. Some owners are having to sell units at low ‘get out of the market prices” which is give buyers cheaper alternatives
  3. Body Corporate Rates for some locations are still up there and some unit investors have swapped to buying houses in order to avoid these yearly mandatory costs.
    (Unfortunately, some of these investors don’t understand the benefit of a body corporate maintenance and improvement program and the good use the B/C put this money until they go to sell their run down investment property they have not spent any money on) 
So lets look at solutions:
  • Buyers need to be able to SEE / FIND your property without having to work hard
  • On the internet, 69% of buyers do not go page 2 of the search results when requesting to view units for sale with certain attributes  – Having your unit as a Priority Placement (domain.com)  or  Highlight Property  (realestate.com.au)  ensures you come up above the rest of the search results – buyers will find you on page 1
  • We have less than 10 seconds to grab the attention of buyers on the Internet … So we want it to be appealing.   What is one of the most appealing items on the internet about your property ….. PRICE !!!  You need to ensure your property is very financially competitive in the current market otherwise buyers will go to other properties
  • NEWSPAPER  :  recent statistics show a combination of PRINT media and DIGITAL (internet) media sell more properties than by simply using the internet.
  • Your Agent needs to be out there working very hard – meeting lots of buyers  – and moving them around between properties
We are here to help you and guide you as best you can.  I am able to provide you with more competition market information at any time  – please call me any time !!  (or email)
Posted by Julie Munro