Month in Review July 2015 – Herron Todd White

Month in Review

July 2015 – Lazy half million

We continue to watch this year and its economic machinations play out. Economic confidence seems to wax and wane and just when you thought interest rates couldn’t soften further, the Reserve Bank delivers some stimulus. It’s certainly been an interesting year and we’ll no doubt see more unfold as December approaches.

In our residential section this month, we take a look at our annual Lazy Half Million theme. We’ve asked our offices around Australia where $500,000 will buy the most promising property. They also give a great analysis of how things have changed over the course of the last financial year too.

Commercially, the retail sector receives its mid-year report card from our professionals. An office by office look at how this sector is performing and, even more importantly, where it’s heading for the remainder of 2015.

This month is an issue of Month In Review rammed with useful and interesting information.

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Posted by Julie Munro