Product Placement !

Selling a property in Townsville is sooooooo different to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne ! The internet is a ‘must use’ tool to advertise your property for sale everywhere in Australia – however in Regional Townsville – the Townsville Bulletin Property Guide (which comes out Saturdays) is utilised by a very large portion of our buyers !!

It is so important to learn HOW buyers shop for a product. This applies to the grocery isles in Woolworths and the retail industry. Products pay a lot of money to Woolworths to have their brand of crackers positioned at shoulder / eye height so that buyers can easily find them and reach for them.  Woolworths has completed a lot of research about product placement within their stores so they are able to show companies where they need to pay to place their product to achieve maximum sales.

I have also spent a lot of time analysing data to assist property owners understand where they need to advertise the placement of their product.  Over 47% of our buyers (statistics gathered over a 14 month period at Ray White Munro Partners Townsville) find our  houses listed for sale by reading the news paper.  Marketing your property in a BUYERS market – is exactly the same as selling cookies in woolies.  When there is a good choice of products (houses/units) for sale in the market place, where you position your property for sale is very important.  You need to place your product where the buyers can easily see it and reach out to it.   The internet is a wonderful tool – but you if you need to achieve a premium price for you property in the current market place – you need to make sure your products is where everyone can see it.

Remember this when you are budgeting to market your property !

Some interesting statistics:
On market 3550 properties ( UNITS,LAND ,HOUSES)
3% of population in townsville region market buying or selling (5400)
Papers sold to people only for the guide 28,267 or 81% of readers

Posted by Julie Munro