Selling & Buying Over Christmas !!!


Common sense may tell you selling properties over Christmas time is a no no.  Well …. Statistics show otherwise.  There is no doubt – things slow during the festive period.  BUT people have more time on their hands during the festive public holidays to think about their current financial goals, to research properties (whether they are going to live in them or it is pure investment) and to walk the pavement to see what properties they will buy.  People have more time to sit with the newspaper and find a house to purchase.

I met 5 groups of buyers at one open home last week, 6 groups at another, 1 at another, and 2 investors at another.  I have four contracts currently under negotiations for properties I am selling.  I am one of 14 agents here at our office.  I can tell you – I am not slowing down.  Emma and I are working the same hours we were in September (post Election) – people are still call me, inquiring about properties and requesting viewings.
Stay positive during the festive period – buyers are out there !!!
Call me any time !!!
Smiling at you

Posted by Julie Munro